His origins come from graphic design, from the cobbled streets, from the smells of the markets, from the corners of the old houses and estates, from the stables and from the straw, going through conversions in life, which have made him a painter of emotions, of intense lines that seek their place in the universe.


The mystery and beauty of bulls and horses taken to its simplest expression.


For Tamés, not everything has to be exposed in his painting, there is always the other side, the one you can’t see, or the other part that should be there. Always excited by the hubbub of strength and his tendency to color it with color.


New ways to admire these incredible mythological beings that for millennia have been part of human.




Versión en EspañolWork

De piedra

Mixta sobre tela, 2019, 35 x 28 cm.

En el campo

Acrílico sobre tela, 2019, 30 x 40 cm.

Pegado a tablas

Mixta sobre tela, 2019, 35 x 28 cm.

Toritos en azul

Acrílico sobre tela, 2019, 27.5 x 35.6 cm.


Av. Club de Golf Lomas Oeste 128.
Fracc. Lomas Country Club.
Huixquilucan, Estado de México.